Leaning Architecture and Atmosphere Photography

I have really begun to love portrait photography and have felt like that was my favorite type of photography, but I always love trying new types such as architecture and atmosphere photography. I wasn’t really sure that I would love taking pictures of buildings, after all they don’t have much emotion which is something I love capturing. I found some buildings around the city of Rexburg which is where I currently live and took some shots that I thought were pretty interesting. I didn’t realize how much I loved architecture photography though until I started making the edits, and found that I didn’t want to stop! There was so much beauty in the lines and colors of the buildings that I shot. I was so surprised how much I loved it! I also really enjoyed capturing the mood of an atmosphere!

Rexburg Tabernacle


This image was by far my favorite of all the architecture shots I took. I took it with very little light because I got there later then I was hoping. I was afraid it wasn’t going to turn out but I was so happy I was able to fix it in post. I loved the colors of the windows and bricks so I made sure to accentuate them. I loved the teal so much I decided to make it the theme of most the rest of the architecture shots I took.

Rexburg Tabernacle Entirety


Hand Rails

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-HandRail

Taylor Chapel


Organ Pipes

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-Organ

Power Plant



Kimball Building

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-KimbalBuilding

Grid Ceiling

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-Ceiling

The Feeling of Cider




If you would like to check out some other beautiful architecture photos I would recommend checking out Tim Griffith’s work here. It is truly inspiring.

I also really enjoyed Michael Boyack’s work which you can check out here.