How I print one of my fine art photos

One of my favorite things to do with my photos is to print out my images. There is something beautiful about physically holding the image that makes you even more attached to it. It brings it to life more than just on a screen. This past week, I was able to print off one of my favorite photos. It was fun to take a simple photo of my closet and turn it into a true and beautiful fine art print.

If you want to check out some other fine art photography prints you can check out Tony Corocher’s work here.


Here is the original before any edits were made. I took the photo inside my closet so it was pretty dark. I had to increase the brightness and exposure quite a bit.


After I made some edits it looked a lot better.


To print the image, I used the company McKenna Pro. They are very professional, quick, and not too pricey. I have printed with them several times and have loved the results every time.

My print, which I titled Fabric Feelings, is currently on display in the Jacob Spori building on the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus which is the Communication and Art. It is so amazing to see it up on display for so many people to see.