Beautiful Fine Art Print

How I print one of my fine art photos

One of my favorite things to do with my photos is to print out my images. There is something beautiful about physically holding the image that makes you even more attached to it. It brings it to life more than just on a screen. This past week, I was able to print off one of my favorite photos. It was fun to take a simple photo of my closet and turn it into a true and beautiful fine art print.

If you want to check out some other fine art photography prints you can check out Tony Corocher’s work here.


Here is the original before any edits were made. I took the photo inside my closet so it was pretty dark. I had to increase the brightness and exposure quite a bit.


After I made some edits it looked a lot better.


To print the image, I used the company McKenna Pro. They are very professional, quick, and not too pricey. I have printed with them several times and have loved the results every time.

My print, which I titled Fabric Feelings, is currently on display in the Jacob Spori building on the Brigham Young University-Idaho campus which is the Communication and Art. It is so amazing to see it up on display for so many people to see.


Post Production Styles

Learning some New Post-Production Styles

I am still learning a lot about post-production edits with my photography, but as I learn more the more I am enjoying doing creative things with edits. I have been learning some new style edit this week from my photography mentor, Cayrn Esplin. I learned more about color lookup and textures. If you want to learn about these technics you can check out her video here. I took three of my portraits from the past couple of weeks and used these new post-production editing styles.  Here are the originals and the edits!

Wealthy Westerner



Edits: I used the color lookup Fuji Eterna 250D Fuji 3510.


Cruelle: Candle Light


AubreeOgaard-Cruelle-orginal-post production-style


Post-Production Edits: I used the color lookup: candlelight for this image.



Frankenstein Couple


AubreeOgaard-Thevenue-orginal-post production-styles


Edits: I used the color lookup: Futuristic Bleak and added a texture to the background.


If you would like to learn some new post-production styles as well, you can check out this blog post.


Group Fashion Photos

Group Fashion Photography

I have grown to love portrait photography. When I first began to get into photography I thought I would like fine art photography so much but as I have done several fashion and portrait shoots I have learned that that style really suits me. This past week I got the opportunity to work with some amazing models for a Halloween Fashion shoot. I found that taking group shots was one of my favorite things to do. It was so fun to work with the couples and groups and to see how they interact and to capture those interactions. I hope you enjoy some of the fun and sometimes creepy photos.

Check out these awesome group fashion photos by the Elite photography group and John Gress .

Intense Couple Yoga


Frankenstein and Wife


Hipster Group


For Better or Corpse


Photographing Fashion Accessories

Fashion Accessories

Often, when one photographs people the focus is put heavily on the persons face but there is also a lot of beauty that can be found in the accessories and clothing they are wearing. I decided to get some practice with photographing fashion accessories a couple of weeks ago. I you want to se the model’s faces you can check out my other fashion posts here or here. It was honestly a lot of fun to capture all the small details that exist in fashion accessories. Something as small as a ring or a watch, which doesn’t always grab ones attention, can hold such beauty and really add to the overall look. I also took a couple pictures of the venue I was at for the shoot, because isn’t that an accessories in and of itself.












If these inspired you and you want to check out some more fashion accessory photography check out some other images for inspiration here and here.


Amazing Woman Fashion Photographs

Fashion Photography

I have grown to love portrait photography. When I first began to get into photography I thought I would like fine art photography so much but as I have done several fashion and portrait shoots I have learned that that style really suits me. This bast week I got the opportunity to work with some amazing models for a Halloween Fashion shoot. There were several amazing women who I was able to photography. I had so much fun capturing their fashion and their strength in my photographs.

If you want to check out another amazing fashion photographer I would suggest checking out Dani Diamond’s work here or you can check out some fashion photography tips here.

Cruella Deville


Nike Woman


Glocked and Loaded


The Glock Orginal


Frankenstein’s Queen


More Cruella

Grand Teton National Forest Photography

Grand Teton Photography

Lately, portrait photography has taken its place as my favorite style of photography but before that fine art landscapes were my love.  While it isn’t my absolute favorite, I still love being able to capture the beauty of this incredible world in a photo. I have lived in Idaho for the past 11 years so The Grand Teton National Park holds a special place in my heart. So when I had the opportunity to take a couple of days and held over there to take some photos, I was thrilled! Here are the fine art photos that resulted.

Teton Log


Morning Mount


Duck Feet


Foggy Morn


If you would like to check out some other beautiful photos of the Tetons check out Mike Brymer’s photos here or these by fine art print.

Golden Hour on an Idaho Farm

The Beauty of Idahoan Farm Land

I have lived in Idaho for the past eleven years. I have grown very attached to the farmland that stretches for miles, I am still working on seeing the beauty in all of the sagebrush through. 😉 Yesterday, I decided to drive a couple of miles outside of Rexburg, Idaho where I am currently living and find a spot where I could capture the beauty of an Idahoan farm during golden hour. I just kept driving until I came to a spot that had several grain silos alongside some fields and train tracks. What resulted were some beautiful shots of my beautiful Idaho.

Golden Buildings



Snow Waves



Orange and Black



Puddle Reflection



Silo Sunset


You can check out some other beautiful Idaho farm photography at Starving Photographer’s page or here at Caryn Esplin’s site.

Sky Mountain Lodge Nature Photography

Sky Mountain Lodge Nature Photography

Isn’t fall such a wonderful time? It’s especially wonderful when you are at a beautiful location like the Sky Mountain Lodge outside of Victor Idaho. I had the wonderful opportunity to stay up there a couple of weeks back when I went to The Grand Teton National Forest. I was able to capture some amazing nature photography shots while I was at the lodge and I wanted to show you all some of them. I will also be posting some portraits I did up there in a couple of weeks so keep a lookout for that! But for now, enjoy some nature shots!

Fall Forest Path

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-Path

Weather Wore Hydrant

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-Firehydrant


Looking Down a Stone Wall

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-StoneWall


Fall Leaves

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-Leaves

And a Bonus Self-Portrait (Because I couldn’t resist)


If you want to see some other amazing photos of the Sky Mountain Lodge, check out the work of Katie Walker or Jill Weaver. Both of them have some amazing shots.

Creative Composition and Scanography

Creative Composition and Scanography

This week I played around with some different creative photography technics and edits. The first one that I played around with was a photography technic called scanography. Scanography is when you take a photo using only a scanner. Check out some examples of scanography in Digital Photography School blog post or you can check out some scanography portrait, which is the type of photo I took,  on Sarah Janele’s blog. If your desired subject is not flat, you will need to use something to block out the extra light, such as a box or a blanket. The process is as simple as placing the subject on the scanner screen how you would like it arranged and scanning. I had a lot of fun with this photography style and will definitely use it again.

Portrait Scanography

AubreeOgaard-Portrait Scanography

Creative Composition

The other creative style I tried this week was a creative composition. A creative composition is where you take several different photographs and merge them into one to create a new create image, which often tells some sort of story. Some of my favorite examples of this were done by Rosie Hardy. You can find a lot of her work on her Instagram profile. You can also check out some different creative composition styles at

I love Halloween and fall, so for my creative composition, I decided to go with a creepy cornfield shoot. I took several photos and combined them in post to create the final image.

Original Images


This is the first image. Because I had to stand on a chair to get off the ground, I had to take an image of just the background so I could merge it out later.

I also added in some crows to add to the creepy factor or the image.

Once I put all of these images together and made some edits I came up with the final product.

Final Creative Composition




Conceptional Ad

Victoria Secret Conceptional Ad

There are several steps to creating a conceptional ad. It startes when taking the picture and thinking about how to set up the shot, how to get good lighting and what you want to end to look like then. Then there is the process of editing the photo itself to get the desired look. Then you need to add the wording and logos that actually make it an ad. I really enjoyed learning how to do all of these steps in creating my Victoria Secret Body Spray ad.

The Set-Up

Conceptional Ad Set up

The Orginal Photo


The Final Conceptional Ad


If you would like to check out some other inspiring ads check out this blog post by canva.

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