Personal Branding

It is very important to develop a personal brand so that people can recognize not only you but your work and ethic. Developing a personal brand takes time but starts with creating a style guide for yourself.

For my own personal brand, I began by designing a logo and then found a color scheme and choose some fonts that I felt fit the style I was going for.

Mood Board


I started out by pulling together a mood board to get a better idea of what I wanted for my brand to look and feel like. I looked at different color schemes and ideas from other amazing brands. I liked some of the darker colors so I decided to run with those.

Logo, color scheme and fonts



Business card





I then took my logo and threw it on a mockup to see what it would look like in other places. I tried to find a mockup picture that fit my photography brand and mood.



It’s important to have a specific placement and style to your watermark so people began to expect to see your logo in the same style and placement. I turn my transparency to¬† 60% and keep it in the bottom right or left corner of the photo.

If you want to check out some photography brands that I really like, check out Georgia Hardy’s Instagram or Krystal Richmond’s brand.