Everyday Fall Fashion

This was my first full week of taking pictures of people’s amazing outfits for Style By U and I and can I just say that I had so much fun! It was like a little treasure hunt every time I went out of the house. I was always on the lookout for people who I could tell really worked on your outfits and style in general. There were so many cute Fall Fashion outfits and I was sad that I was only able to capture some of them.

Although these outfits are already posted on my Instagram, I want to talk about all the outfits I saw this week.



Style By U and I-Fall Fashion

Style By U and I- Fall Fashion

First I met Maddy, She was wearing a beautiful corduroy skirt with a striped long sleeve button up, under a navy blue cardigan. The look was completed with some adorable Chelsea boots.

Classic Skating Look

Style by U and I-Fall Fashion-Cara Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-RollerSkating- Cara

Next, that day was my adorable friend Cara. We went classic skating with a group of friends and I will admit that I had more fun taking pictures of Cara’s outfit then I did roller skating. Her striped short sleeve shirt and stressed blue jeans when so well with her skates and the entire aesthetic.


Work Ready

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Me-Kitchen

I didn’t have a lot of time between meetings, class, and work to get pictures of other people’s styles that day, so I quickly snapped some pictures of my own business outfit. I choose my black and white striped pants with a green long sleeve turtle neck and a black cardigan. This entire outfit was thrifted except for the shoes, which I got on sale in a store in Denmark. I love finding good quality, fashionable clothing at thrift stores.


World Kindness Day

In honor of World Kindness Day and the late Mister Rogers, I decided to focus on cardigan styles.

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Cardigan-Me-Laughing

I, of course, wore one of my favorite cardigans paired with s simple white shirt and some blue jeans.

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Cardigan-BYUI Store

I say Melissa working at the BYU-Idaho store on my way to class and thought her use of a cardigan with her work polo was so cute I had to stop and ask if I could snap a couple of pictures. Her plaid pants also added to the look.

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Cardigan-Fur

Lastly, I saw Erin in her, not super typical fur cardigan and thought that would be a fun addition to the day’s cardigan styles. She paired it with some rose-colored glasses and an all-black outfit underneath.


Sharp Style

Style-By U and I-Fall Fashion-Joseph-2

My last post of the week was of Joseph. Joseph is a friend from the ward and he was looking very sharp in his men’s pea coat and green slacks.

If you enjoyed these outfits, check out Haper Bazaar for more fall fashion looks.