Creative Composition and Scanography

This week I played around with some different creative photography technics and edits. The first one that I played around with was a photography technic called scanography. Scanography is when you take a photo using only a scanner. Check out some examples of scanography in Digital Photography School blog post or you can check out some scanography portrait, which is the type of photo I took,  on Sarah Janele’s blog. If your desired subject is not flat, you will need to use something to block out the extra light, such as a box or a blanket. The process is as simple as placing the subject on the scanner screen how you would like it arranged and scanning. I had a lot of fun with this photography style and will definitely use it again.

Portrait Scanography

AubreeOgaard-Portrait Scanography

Creative Composition

The other creative style I tried this week was a creative composition. A creative composition is where you take several different photographs and merge them into one to create a new create image, which often tells some sort of story. Some of my favorite examples of this were done by Rosie Hardy. You can find a lot of her work on her Instagram profile. You can also check out some different creative composition styles at

I love Halloween and fall, so for my creative composition, I decided to go with a creepy cornfield shoot. I took several photos and combined them in post to create the final image.

Original Images


This is the first image. Because I had to stand on a chair to get off the ground, I had to take an image of just the background so I could merge it out later.

I also added in some crows to add to the creepy factor or the image.

Once I put all of these images together and made some edits I came up with the final product.

Final Creative Composition