Ordinary Spots, Extraordinary Shots

Most of the things in our day to day lives are ordinary. We go to ordinary jobs or schools, eat ordinary food and for the most part do ordinary things. But Just because something seems normal doesn’t mean you can’t find the extraordinary in the ordinary. These extraordinary shots were taken in very ordinary places.

An ordinary shot of my messy closet

Ordinary spot

I look at this closet every day and most days I don’t think much about it. It is there and it is messy but it is not very extraordinary. Unless of course, you look at it from a different perspective.

Extraordinary shot of my closet

I started out taking pictures of the side of my closet. I was getting some interesting shots but I didn’t feel like they were extraordinary shots. Then I had the idea to get inside the closet and look up into the clothes. It was quite dark inside so I had to slow my shutter speed down to capture enough light. In post, I increased the saturation and brightened it as well.

Ordinary shot of my coin jar

AubreeOgaard_OSES-Ordinary coin spot

Extraordinary shot of my coin jar


I didn’t have my light kit with me the say I took this so to get the lighting I wanted I set up a desk lamp on my roommate’s bed.

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