Koalatea Cafe Logo Design

I love making logos, especially when I get to start from the ground up and let my creativity take charge. I decided to design a logo for a fictional company so I could have complete creative liberty. I find companies that use puns in their name to be hilarious, so I decided on the theme of animals and brainstormed from there until I came up with the Koalatea Cafe.

After deciding I wanted my target audience to be males and females between the age of 18 and 35 and finding plenty of reference photos, I began sketching several different ideas for the logo.

Once I got some feedback from some of my peers, I choose three of the designs and began working on them in Illustrator.

I got more feedback after the initial round of design and made some changes for the second round of variations. This time I added some colors in as well. I tried to keep the colors simple and earthy. 

I ended up choosing the middle logo because I felt like it was a good balance between simplicity and detail. I loved the double meaning, not only in the name of the company but also in the form of the koala’s monocle doubling as a teacup.