My Portrait Portfolio Folder

I have learned so much in just the past couple of months about photography and I am excited to continue to learn and grow as a photographer, especially portrait photography. I decided to create a printed piece that would help me market my work. I decided to create a portrait portfolio folder that I could give potential clients or employers. I found some examples of what I wanted to create on Pinterest and made a mood board. I then planned two different portrait photoshoots. It was my first time working with models that I didn’t know before so that was a fun experience.

AubreeOgaard-Portait-Portfoli-folder-Snow-eyesAubreeOgaard-Portraits-Portfoli-folder-Formal-closeup AubreeOgaard-Portaits-Portfoli-folder-Snow-shoulder


I choose three of my favorite photos from the shoots to include in the portfolio.



I also created an engagement announcement using another picture from the shoot.


I designed a resume using the brand colors to help people get an even clearer understanding of my abilities.

One of the most difficult parts of this project was figuring out how to create the folder. I ended up finding a large 21×25 1/2 inch paper at my local craft store. I then measured out and cut the paper to create the folder. I finished by tieing it together with some twine.