Learning some New Post-Production Styles

I am still learning a lot about post-production edits with my photography, but as I learn more the more I am enjoying doing creative things with edits. I have been learning some new style edit this week from my photography mentor, Cayrn Esplin. I learned more about color lookup and textures. If you want to learn about these technics you can check out her video here. I took three of my portraits from the past couple of weeks and used these new post-production editing styles.  Here are the originals and the edits!

Wealthy Westerner



Edits: I used the color lookup Fuji Eterna 250D Fuji 3510.


Cruelle: Candle Light


AubreeOgaard-Cruelle-orginal-post production-style


Post-Production Edits: I used the color lookup: candlelight for this image.



Frankenstein Couple


AubreeOgaard-Thevenue-orginal-post production-styles


Edits: I used the color lookup: Futuristic Bleak and added a texture to the background.


If you would like to learn some new post-production styles as well, you can check out this blog post.