Sky Mountain Lodge Nature Photography

Isn’t fall such a wonderful time? It’s especially wonderful when you are at a beautiful location like the Sky Mountain Lodge outside of Victor Idaho. I had the wonderful opportunity to stay up there a couple of weeks back when I went to The Grand Teton National Forest. I was able to capture some amazing nature photography shots while I was at the lodge and I wanted to show you all some of them. I will also be posting some portraits I did up there in a couple of weeks so keep a lookout for that! But for now, enjoy some nature shots!

Fall Forest Path

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-Path

Weather Wore Hydrant

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-Firehydrant


Looking Down a Stone Wall

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-StoneWall


Fall Leaves

AubreeOgaard-Sky Mountain Lodge-Nature Photography-Leaves

And a Bonus Self-Portrait (Because I couldn’t resist)


If you want to see some other amazing photos of the Sky Mountain Lodge, check out the work of Katie Walker or Jill Weaver. Both of them have some amazing shots.