Stylizing Food

Food photography is a little bit different then most types of photography. Just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it is going to naturally look as good as it taste. That is where stylizing comes in. By adding other elements, angles and sometimes a few little tricks, you can make the food look incredibly appetizing. I had a lot of fun working with a variety of stylized food setups a couple of weeks ago, and am excited to show you some of the results.

Appetizer Bread



For both if these photos, I used natural light and had a lot of fun with the different props to stylized the bread to create different feelings.

Main Course Soup


For this setup, the soup in the pot was a little unappetizing looking by the time I got to shooting it so I decided to focus instead on the bread bowl and to just the pot as an additional prop to add some color to the shot. I love the primary colors that result.

Apple Desserts



Desert was my favorite to shoot (and eat). And with these to dishes it was easy to make them look good because who does love a good apple treat.

If you want to see some other examples of stylized food photography I would recommend checking out  Sandro Pehar’s work here or Kalman and Pabst’s work here.