It is Sweater Weather

I really do love the Fall, especially when the days are nice enough that all you really need is a cute sweater, also how perfect is it that “sweater” rhymes with “weather”! It really doesn’t get much better. Well except maybe when you get to see all the amazing sweaters fashion that people wear for their everyday wear. This week I found a couple of really cute sweater weather outfits as well a  sneak peek of an outfit from a video that should be coming to you soon.

Monday Blues

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Blue

I could help but ask Isbel for a shot of her amazing everyday outfit of a soft blue sweater with her cut off black jeans.

Thursday Flare

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Orange

My amazing friend Kammy looked amazing this Thursday for her Senior Project Presentation she had a beautiful Orange sweater which she complemented with a fun collar!

Friday Fashion

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Black and white

Rebekah looked so chic on Friday in her all black and white outfit. The pea coat really completed the look for me.

Bonus Boyfriend Outfit

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Eric1 Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Eric2

This is my stylish boyfriend Eric who was kind enough to let me take some pictures of his amazing outfit on Thursday! I love how he styled up his jeans and tan shirt with a fashionable army jacket.

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Thrift

Here is the sneak peek I mentioned earlier! This pants and shirt combo is from a thrift shop trip I took last week! Keep your eyes peeled for the video about this look!