Vector Indie-folk Gig Poster

Sometimes you just got to get a little weird and gig posters are the perfect thing for that. Because music is so expressive and interpretive it provides great materials for creative thinking. One project I did was a photo-realistic watch, so I wanted to do something a little less ridged. I decided to pick my favorite music genre, indie folk, and design a gig poster for a made-up group. I wanted to do a more simplistic design with a more hand-drawn feel. This is that the final end product of the vector gig poster on a mock-up.


Aubree-Ogaard_Vector-Gig-poster-sketches-1 Aubree-Ogaard_Vector-Gig-poster-sketches-2

I had a really fun time sketching for this project. I started but doing word webs to get my mind working and the juices flowing. Using some of those words I started sketching out lots of different concepts. I tried to let my mind go where ever it wanted to go and I came up with some interesting stuff. I wanted to go with a more outdoorsy feel and a softer more hand-drawn feel. After I decided on a general idea I sketched a couple of different compositions. I ended up with a slightly different design but sketching really did help me get in the right mindset.

Vector DraftsAubree-Ogaard_Vector-Gig-poster-draft-colors

Aubree-Ogaard_Vector -gig-poster-draft

I started by designing the background. I wanted to use a monochromatic color scheme to make sure the design stayed simple. I started with the blue, then tried the reds, then finally tried the yellow which the color I ended up going with after I asked a handful of people which one they felt fit the music genre the best. After that, I started on the house. I started with having the house fit within the color scheme of the trees but in the end, changed it to a darker hue to make it stand out more. I also ended up framing the scene with darker trees after a peer pointed out how it would help draw in the eyes.

Final Vector Gig Poster