Beautiful Mustard Colored Fall Outfits

One of my favorite clothing colors to wear is mustard yellow and other similar colors. I think it is such a beautiful color and goes so well with so many skin colors and styles. Since I love that color so much, I am often drawn to outfits that accentuate it. This week I wanted to showcase some beautiful mustard colored fall outfits.

Developing a Personal Photography Style

My Personal Photography Style

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity in these past couple of months to take a class at Brigham Young University-Idaho that focused on helping me improve my personal photography style. The class also helped me improve my marketing skills so that I can actually do something with the work that I create. Before this class, I thought I know what my style was but I really didn’t have much of an idea. Now I understand so much better what I like and my brand is more established. I had such a fun time trying new styles and learning what I was best at. I want to post now some of my favorite photographs from my time in comm 316.

I quickly found that portraits were something I loved to shoot. I decided early on that that was the specific style I wanted to put the most focus on. I then had to decide what style I wanted those to have. It was interesting shooting portraits in so many different ways. Sometimes I used flashes and other times I used only natural light. While not all of my photography reflects it yet, I decided that I liked warmer, darker photos, slightly moody. You check out my Instagram you will see this in a lot of the photos I post on there.

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (13)

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (7)

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (6)These three portraits are from my personal project I just finished. You can check out that post here.

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (9)

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (8)These two photos are from a shoot I did a month or so ago. You can check out more of my group portrait photography here.


AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (2)These two photos are from the same shoot as the group photos, You can find more of my woman portrait photography here.


AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (3)This photo was from my amazing trip to the Tetons. I had the awesome opportunity to work with some great models. You can check out some more of the themed portrait photography here and here.

As I said above, while I focused a lot on portraiture, I also really enjoy shooting other subjects. I especially found an interest in architecture.

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (12)

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (11)

These two images are from my architecture and atmosphere post from a couple of weeks back. I think my personal photography style will also include some amazing bits of architecture in the future.

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (5)

AubreeOgaard-Personal-Photography-Style-comm316 (4)

These last two images are also from my awesome trip to the Tetons. I think its fun to capture movement as well as angles you aren’t used to seeing. You can check out the two posts these are from here and here.

I have really enjoyed my time in comm 316 and have learned so much about my personal photography style. I hope to continue fine-tuning my work and creating beautiful art. If you are interested in finding your own personal style you can check out this awesome post by expert photography of this post by Chirstina Greve.


Portrait Portfolio Folder

My Portrait Portfolio Folder

I have learned so much in just the past couple of months about photography and I am excited to continue to learn and grow as a photographer, especially portrait photography. I decided to create a printed piece that would help me market my work. I decided to create a portrait portfolio folder that I could give potential clients or employers. I found some examples of what I wanted to create on Pinterest and made a mood board. I then planned two different portrait photoshoots. It was my first time working with models that I didn’t know before so that was a fun experience.

AubreeOgaard-Portait-Portfoli-folder-Snow-eyesAubreeOgaard-Portraits-Portfoli-folder-Formal-closeup AubreeOgaard-Portaits-Portfoli-folder-Snow-shoulder


I choose three of my favorite photos from the shoots to include in the portfolio.



I also created an engagement announcement using another picture from the shoot.


I designed a resume using the brand colors to help people get an even clearer understanding of my abilities.

One of the most difficult parts of this project was figuring out how to create the folder. I ended up finding a large 21×25 1/2 inch paper at my local craft store. I then measured out and cut the paper to create the folder. I finished by tieing it together with some twine.



How to Capture an Epic Shot

Creating an Epic Shot

Trying to capture an epic shot requires skill in balancing the light. Too much in one area or another could ruin a shot. If you are able to balance the light just right especially when using a flash you really can walk away with some epic photos. I am going to show you the difference between lighting the background, lighting the foreground and how they look together when you use a flash.



The model’s face is fairly well exposed but the background in this image is overexposed.



Epic Shot

In this image, the background is well exposed but the model is underexposed.


In my final shot I kept the background well exposed while lighting the model’s face with a flash bender to create an epic shot.

If you want to check out some other epic shots check out this shot or this one.


Themed Portrait Photography

Themed Portraits

Sometimes you just need to get out of your element a little bit and themed portraits are perfect for that. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing models a few weeks back and do some themed portrait photography. The photo shoot was in Grand Teton National Park so they were themed around that. I really love portrait photography so it was a blast to work in sunch an amazing place. Some of the photos I simply used natural light and for others, I used an Einstein flash. If you want to check out some other amazing themed portraits check out these images by Cynthia Carter or these by Clicking with Kristin.

Western Woman


This photo I used only natural light with a light diffuser to soften the light on the model’s face.


Again this was taken with only natural light and a reflector to bounce more light on to the models face.


I was able to capture the background and the model beautifully in this image by using the Einstein flash.




These two images of the beautiful model Ericka were both taken with natural light. You can check out Ericka’s work here.



Sweater Weather Everyday Fashion

It is Sweater Weather

I really do love the Fall, especially when the days are nice enough that all you really need is a cute sweater, also how perfect is it that “sweater” rhymes with “weather”! It really doesn’t get much better. Well except maybe when you get to see all the amazing sweaters fashion that people wear for their everyday wear. This week I found a couple of really cute sweater weather outfits as well a  sneak peek of an outfit from a video that should be coming to you soon.

Monday Blues

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Blue

I could help but ask Isbel for a shot of her amazing everyday outfit of a soft blue sweater with her cut off black jeans.

Thursday Flare

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Orange

My amazing friend Kammy looked amazing this Thursday for her Senior Project Presentation she had a beautiful Orange sweater which she complemented with a fun collar!

Friday Fashion

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Black and white

Rebekah looked so chic on Friday in her all black and white outfit. The pea coat really completed the look for me.

Bonus Boyfriend Outfit

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Eric1 Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Eric2

This is my stylish boyfriend Eric who was kind enough to let me take some pictures of his amazing outfit on Thursday! I love how he styled up his jeans and tan shirt with a fashionable army jacket.

Style By U and I-Sweater-Weather-Fashion-Thrift

Here is the sneak peek I mentioned earlier! This pants and shirt combo is from a thrift shop trip I took last week! Keep your eyes peeled for the video about this look!

Stylized Food Photography

Stylizing Food

Food photography is a little bit different then most types of photography. Just because something tastes good doesn’t mean it is going to naturally look as good as it taste. That is where stylizing comes in. By adding other elements, angles and sometimes a few little tricks, you can make the food look incredibly appetizing. I had a lot of fun working with a variety of stylized food setups a couple of weeks ago, and am excited to show you some of the results.

Appetizer Bread



For both if these photos, I used natural light and had a lot of fun with the different props to stylized the bread to create different feelings.

Main Course Soup


For this setup, the soup in the pot was a little unappetizing looking by the time I got to shooting it so I decided to focus instead on the bread bowl and to just the pot as an additional prop to add some color to the shot. I love the primary colors that result.

Apple Desserts



Desert was my favorite to shoot (and eat). And with these to dishes it was easy to make them look good because who does love a good apple treat.

If you want to see some other examples of stylized food photography I would recommend checking out  Sandro Pehar’s work here or Kalman and Pabst’s work here.



Beautiful Architecture and Atmosphere Photography

Leaning Architecture and Atmosphere Photography

I have really begun to love portrait photography and have felt like that was my favorite type of photography, but I always love trying new types such as architecture and atmosphere photography. I wasn’t really sure that I would love taking pictures of buildings, after all they don’t have much emotion which is something I love capturing. I found some buildings around the city of Rexburg which is where I currently live and took some shots that I thought were pretty interesting. I didn’t realize how much I loved architecture photography though until I started making the edits, and found that I didn’t want to stop! There was so much beauty in the lines and colors of the buildings that I shot. I was so surprised how much I loved it! I also really enjoyed capturing the mood of an atmosphere!

Rexburg Tabernacle


This image was by far my favorite of all the architecture shots I took. I took it with very little light because I got there later then I was hoping. I was afraid it wasn’t going to turn out but I was so happy I was able to fix it in post. I loved the colors of the windows and bricks so I made sure to accentuate them. I loved the teal so much I decided to make it the theme of most the rest of the architecture shots I took.

Rexburg Tabernacle Entirety


Hand Rails

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-HandRail

Taylor Chapel


Organ Pipes

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-Organ

Power Plant



Kimball Building

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-KimbalBuilding

Grid Ceiling

AubreeOgaard-Atmosphere-Architecture -Photography-Ceiling

The Feeling of Cider




If you would like to check out some other beautiful architecture photos I would recommend checking out Tim Griffith’s work here. It is truly inspiring.

I also really enjoyed Michael Boyack’s work which you can check out here.

Balancing the Light in Photography

Learning to Balance the Light in Photography

IT is so fun to be constantly learning new things in photography. I had the great opportunity to work with the amazing photographer Caryn Esplin a month or so ago. One of the main principles she teaches people is to balance the light. In fact she wrote a book about it which you can check out here. I have learned that if you can learn to balance the light, you can learn to take extraordinary images. I had the opportunity to take some photos where I practiced balancing the light in my photography and the end results were so fun.

If you want to learn more about balancing light in your photography, I would, again,  highly recommend Caryn Esplin’s book as well as this video on balancing light with a model.

Now for the images I was able to caption when I balanced the light.

Water Drop


To get this shot, I had my camera set up on a tripod with a glass pan of water in front of me fill with water. I had a paper taped up behind the pan with the fun colors you see in the image so that it would reflect in the water. I also had a plastic bag with a tiny hole cut in one of the corners rigged up so it would drip one drop every so often. Then with two speed lights set up, it was all a matter of lots of pictures and timing. I was able to capture several different “stages” of a water drop but this one was my favorite.

Good Ol’ DP


Dr.Pepper is my guilty pleasure, so of course I had to try and capture the beauty of the drink. This time I was playing around with water spray. I used continuous LED lights to achieve the lighting in this image. It took a while to balance the light just right along with the pouring and the mist but I was finally able to capture the image I wanted.

Romance at it’s Sweetest


Is there anything that says romance more then a fireplace, sugar and a strawberry? I don’t think so. For this image I ahd to balance the light of the fireplace along with the light if a continues light wand. I really love how this image turned out.

Cardigans and other Fall Fashion

Everyday Fall Fashion

This was my first full week of taking pictures of people’s amazing outfits for Style By U and I and can I just say that I had so much fun! It was like a little treasure hunt every time I went out of the house. I was always on the lookout for people who I could tell really worked on your outfits and style in general. There were so many cute Fall Fashion outfits and I was sad that I was only able to capture some of them.

Although these outfits are already posted on my Instagram, I want to talk about all the outfits I saw this week.



Style By U and I-Fall Fashion

Style By U and I- Fall Fashion

First I met Maddy, She was wearing a beautiful corduroy skirt with a striped long sleeve button up, under a navy blue cardigan. The look was completed with some adorable Chelsea boots.

Classic Skating Look

Style by U and I-Fall Fashion-Cara Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-RollerSkating- Cara

Next, that day was my adorable friend Cara. We went classic skating with a group of friends and I will admit that I had more fun taking pictures of Cara’s outfit then I did roller skating. Her striped short sleeve shirt and stressed blue jeans when so well with her skates and the entire aesthetic.


Work Ready

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Me-Kitchen

I didn’t have a lot of time between meetings, class, and work to get pictures of other people’s styles that day, so I quickly snapped some pictures of my own business outfit. I choose my black and white striped pants with a green long sleeve turtle neck and a black cardigan. This entire outfit was thrifted except for the shoes, which I got on sale in a store in Denmark. I love finding good quality, fashionable clothing at thrift stores.


World Kindness Day

In honor of World Kindness Day and the late Mister Rogers, I decided to focus on cardigan styles.

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Cardigan-Me-Laughing

I, of course, wore one of my favorite cardigans paired with s simple white shirt and some blue jeans.

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Cardigan-BYUI Store

I say Melissa working at the BYU-Idaho store on my way to class and thought her use of a cardigan with her work polo was so cute I had to stop and ask if I could snap a couple of pictures. Her plaid pants also added to the look.

Style By U and I-Fall Fashion-Cardigan-Fur

Lastly, I saw Erin in her, not super typical fur cardigan and thought that would be a fun addition to the day’s cardigan styles. She paired it with some rose-colored glasses and an all-black outfit underneath.


Sharp Style

Style-By U and I-Fall Fashion-Joseph-2

My last post of the week was of Joseph. Joseph is a friend from the ward and he was looking very sharp in his men’s pea coat and green slacks.

If you enjoyed these outfits, check out Haper Bazaar for more fall fashion looks.


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