Photo-realistic Vector Watch

Sometimes you just need to choose to do a project that you know will really challenge you and put your design skills to the test. That is what this project was for me. I have been designing with Illustrator for a while now and I felt like I really needed to step up my work. I wanted to take a photo of a simple object that had a lot of highlights, shadows, and reflections and see if I could recreate it with vectors. That is why I decided to create a photo-realistic vector watch. I choose the Starry Night watch from the Danish company Skagen because I lived in Denmark (where the city of Skagen is located) for two years and love everything Danish and also because the watch was simple yet had some complicated shapes to it.
This is the final product which I was pretty pleased with. now I will walk you through some of my steps.


Aubree-Ogaard_Photo-Realistic-Vector-Watch- sketches (2)Aubree-Ogaard_Photo-Realistic-Vector-Watch

I first started by sketching different parts of various watches so that I could get a feel for the idea of shadows and highlights and what shapes watches are made up. It’s always an interesting process to learn how our eyes see different things and how to properly recreate what our minds tell us we see.

Vectorizing the Photo of theĀ  Watch


I started out by designing the base structure. That was the easy part. Once I had that I began with some of the simple highlights and trying to get shapes on the watch face figured out. If there was one part of this project that gave me a run for my money it was those. They each have their own colors and highlights and shadows and such so it was a huge learning process for me.