Themed Portraits

Sometimes you just need to get out of your element a little bit and themed portraits are perfect for that. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing models a few weeks back and do some themed portrait photography. The photo shoot was in Grand Teton National Park so they were themed around that. I really love portrait photography so it was a blast to work in sunch an amazing place. Some of the photos I simply used natural light and for others, I used an Einstein flash. If you want to check out some other amazing themed portraits check out these images by Cynthia Carter or these by Clicking with Kristin.

Western Woman


This photo I used only natural light with a light diffuser to soften the light on the model’s face.


Again this was taken with only natural light and a reflector to bounce more light on to the models face.


I was able to capture the background and the model beautifully in this image by using the Einstein flash.




These two images of the beautiful model Ericka were both taken with natural light. You can check out Ericka’s work here.